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Watch the Congressional briefing from March 30, 2022, featuring representatives from AFSA and SAFCEI

Transcript available here (English)

Letters by African organizations to USAID and other AGRA donors, calling on them to defund the program and redirect funding to agroecology

AFSA’s first letter to big donors to stop funding the Alliance for a Green Revolution in Africa 

SAFCEI letter to donors March 2022 

SAFCEI letter to Gates Foundation 2021 

Independent reports that have determined that AGRA has failed to address hunger or improve farmer outcomes

False Promises: The Alliance for a Green Revolution in Africa (AGRA) 

A Sting in the AGRA Tale: Independent expert evaluations confirm that the Alliance for a Green Revolution has failed 

Failing Africa’s Farmers: An Impact Assessment of the Alliance for a Green Revolution in Africa

A film series detailing the undue influence of the Gates Foundation and AGRA in shaping the future of food in Africa


Recent news and analysis

Anne Maina, Congress Should Pull the Plug on USAID’S Failing African Green Revolution, Food Tank

CAGJ, AGRA is failing farmers, but helping foreign corporations

Tim Wise, AGRA: Still failing Africa’s farmers, Institute for Agriculture and Trade PolicyA Rude Awakening with Stacy Malkan, Anne Maina and Francesca de Gasparis, KPFA