The Movie Critic will no longer be Tarantino’s next (and last) film: the project is canceled

Quentin Tarantino has already directed nine films, which means the next one will be the last of his entire career. A few years ago, the director announced that he would retire after ten films – he doesn’t really know why – and so he has to choose his next project very carefully… because it will be the last one he makes.

This decision, which can be reversed at any time by saying “Hey, it was a joke” and that’s it, is taking its toll on poor Tarantino. The filmmaker had already decided on what would be his next film, The Movie Critic, but finally he backed out and canceled it. Although he hasn’t justified exactly why, the film was postponed due to strikes and subsequently made several changes to the script… until, it seems, he would eventually put the film on hold because he wasn’t 100% convinced of the story of it.

The Curse of the 10 Movies

The strikes allowed Tarantino to make this decision. The film was scheduled to shoot in August 2023 to take advantage of tax breaks from the city of Los Angeles. However, this break did not fit well with the projectand now that he picked up the thread again, there were several things that didn’t fit, so he decided to take a step back.

Initial, The Movie Critic would star Tom Cruise and Brad Pitt, with the latter reprising his role in Once Upon a Time in Hollywood, which earned him an Oscar. But unfortunately we have to say goodbye to the project and wait for Tarantino to surprise us with a new film in the future.

The decision to make just ten films has more consequences for Tarantino than he would like to admit. This prevented him from making his beloved Star Trek film or other ‘small’ projects that he would also enjoy. On the other hand, he is completely focused on films that transcend… whatever that means.

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