Solarolo, you work at the gym. It will be available from September

Rehabilitation of flood-damaged gym at Romagna Middle School approved

Eleven months after the devastating flood that hit Romagna, progress is being made in the rehabilitation of the affected public spaces. The latest development is the approval of the implementation project for the restoration of the municipal gym at the ‘Ungaretti’ secondary school in Solarolo.

Last May, the flood caused by the breaks in the banks of the Senio River reached the Solarola area, inundating roads, fields, houses, businesses, sports facilities, parks and schools. One of the hardest hit buildings was the Ungaretti school complex, which includes the gym used by students and local sports clubs.

The restoration project, approved by the public works sector of the Union of Romagna Faentina, will cost 370 thousand euros. The Reale Foundation, a foundation of the Reale group, will finance the project with an equivalent donation. The money covers various aspects of the restoration, including construction work, installation technology, classroom restoration, technical costs, cleaning and furniture.

The construction company for the project will be identified through a direct allocation procedure. Work is expected to start soon and be completed by summer. The gym should be back in use by September for both curricular and extracurricular activities.

In addition to the restoration of the gymnasiums, the school itself is involved in a Pnrr tender for seismic adaptation, which costs 300 thousand euros. These combined efforts will provide the community with a completely redeveloped and safer school complex and athletic space.

Overall, the restoration of the Ungaretti school gym is an important step forward in repairing flood damage and ensuring students and athletes have access to much-needed facilities.

Written by Damiano Ventura.