Rana Daggubati’s Spirit Media and Tinkle Comics Launch Indian Superhero Graphic Novel ‘Minnal Murali’ (Exclusive)

“Baahubali” star Rana Daggubati’s Spirit Media has collaborated with Tinkle Comics to launch a graphic novel featuring Indian superhero Minnal Murali at the Mumbai Comic-Con.

“Minnal Murali” is a 2021 Malayalam-language film directed by Basil Joseph, produced by Sophia Paul’s Weekend Blockbusters and starring Tovino Thomas as the superhero of the same name. Set in a village in Kerala, the film follows a tailor who dreams of emigrating to the US and a social outcast who simultaneously gains superpowers when he is struck by lightning (minnal means lightning in Malayalam), with the former used for good and the latter for evil. . The film was acquired by Netflix and released directly to the service during the pandemic and remains one of the most popular films.

The graphic novel delves deeper into the superhero’s origins and reveals a new story that continues his adventures.

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