5 questions for Barbara Yun, whose company works with DD clients

When Barbara Yun’s children were young, she worked some part-time jobs so she could care for her children. As they grew older, Yun took a job in the field of developmental disabilities and “fell in love.”

Yun is now owner and CEO of KBY Services LLC, providing day services and other options for people with developmental disabilities. The company, which once operated locations in Canton and North Canton, now has one larger location in North Canton.

Yun said she got into the DD field because she wanted to do something to help others. She says she enjoys offering activities, trips, outings and other experiences to people who don’t have the opportunity to do so in any other way.

A graduate of McKinley High School, Yun attended Malone College and Stark State College.

“I worked at the North Canton YMCA, General Rental, for years while my children were young and in school,” Yun said. “When my children got older, I had to work full-time and applied for a job in the DD sector. I started working and immediately fell in love with the work. I worked with people with different needs.”

After ten years she continued on her own.

“I spent more than a decade learning and running day programs until I decided to do my own thing,” Yun said. “In March 2020, I opened my first day program with services throughout the day and after-work activities for participants to participate in with their friends.”

Yun and her husband, Kevin, have been married for more than 25 years, after meeting in high school. The couple, who live in North Canton, have two children: daughter Kaitlyn, 25, and son Zachary, 21. They also have an 11-year-old black pug named Izzy, “who we all love and who is the boss of the house .

Zachary Yun works at KBY Services, where his mother says he learns the trade and helps grow the company.


How would you summarize the services of KBY Services?

“We provide vocational and day rehabilitation services for adults with disabilities. We offer training in social skills, vocational skills, soft skills, cooking and independent skills, while offering all-day community outings. We also offer after-school activities We took our adults on a cruise, to COSI, to Kalahari, camping and Splash Lagoon in Erie, Pennsylvania. We have many more trips and trips planned for the coming year.

Why are adult day services so important to our community?

“Many adults with disabilities are not ready to enter the workforce after graduating high school, are not interested or cannot attend college. These programs help them work on the skills needed to become more independent and help build skills for employment in the community. It gives adults a place to go and a sense of belonging, no matter what their needs are.”

What is most challenging and valuable in your work?

“The most challenging part of the job is that we can’t help everyone. Due to staffing levels and certain needs of individuals, we may not be able to provide the services they need. The most rewarding parts are when you see them do new things experiences or places, they are happy and excited about upcoming events.”

What is your favorite motivational saying?

“My favorite is ‘Teamwork makes the dream work!'”

What luxury item would you like to own?

“I would love to have a vacation property on the beach. I would use it for personal/group travel.”