Better Choice (NASDAQ:BTTR) is trading 3.9% higher

The shares of Better Choice Company Inc. (NASDAQ:BTTR – Get Free Report) rose 3.9% in trading on Friday. The company was trading at $6.38 and last traded at $6.38. During trading, 4,677 shares traded, a decline of 98% from the average session volume of 220,976 shares. The stock previously closed at $6.14.

Better choice Price performance

The company has a market cap of $5.56 million, a price-to-earnings ratio of -0.19 and a beta of 0.52. The company has a debt-to-equity ratio of 0.18, a current ratio of 1.59 and a quick ratio of 1.02. The company has a fifty-day moving average of $6.99 and a 200-day moving average of $9.64.

Better Choice (NASDAQ:BTTR – Get Free Report) last reported its earnings results on Friday, April 12. The company reported ($6.51) earnings per share (EPS) for the quarter. The company had revenue of $5.70 million for the quarter. Better Choice had a negative return on equity of 75.66% and a negative net margin of 59.00%.

Institutional inflow and outflow

Hedge funds have recently bought and sold shares of the company. Brown Brothers Harriman & Co. increased its stake in Better Choice by 873.4% in the first quarter. Brown Brothers Harriman & Co. now owns 48,669 shares of the company’s stock worth $124,000 after acquiring an additional 43,669 shares during the period. State Street Corp grew its stake in Better Choice by 8.0% in the first quarter. State Street Corp now owns 72,658 shares of the company’s stock worth $185,000 after acquiring an additional 5,358 shares during the period. Cantor Fitzgerald LP acquired a new position in Better Choice during the fourth quarter valued at approximately $26,000. Callan Capital LLC grew its holdings in Better Choice by 69.8% in the third quarter. Callan Capital LLC now owns 243,306 shares of the company’s stock worth $30,000 after acquiring an additional 100,000 shares during the period. Finally, Vanguard Group Inc. raised its stake in Better Choice increased by 12.7% in the first quarter. Vanguard Group Inc. now owns 529,027 shares of the company’s stock worth $1,349,000 after purchasing an additional 59,468 shares in the last quarter. 12.64% of the shares are held by institutional investors and hedge funds.

About better choice

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Better Choice Company Inc operates as an animal health and welfare company. The product portfolio includes naturally formulated kibble and canned dog and cat food, freeze-dried raw dog food and snacks, vegan dog food and snacks, oral care products and supplements, as well as toppers, dental products, chews and care products.

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