GYROOR takes center stage at the International Electronics Expo 2024: groundbreaking trends in the electric skateboard industry

April 15, 2024, Hong Kong – Shenzhen Chitado Technology Co., Ltd. (GYROOR) unveiled its groundbreaking electric scooters and “GNU” E-Suitcase at the Hong Kong International Electronics Fair, setting the pace for future developments in the industry. Throughout the four-day event, GYROOR’s impressive stand and diverse product range were in the spotlight. The cutting-edge electric scooters on display not only won praise from attendees, but also achieved sales figures that exceeded expectations, highlighting the brand’s strong presence in the market.

The GYROOR product range received universal acclaim at the fair, with three key development directions:

GYROOR|Children: Targeted at families who prioritize quality, safety and innovation, this series has become a dominant player in the global kids’ electric skateboard market. After a successful patent dispute against Hangzhou Riders, it has become popular in the US, UK and Germany.

GNU E Case: Launching in 2024, GNU goes beyond the typical child’s suitcase by integrating a skateboard, combining fun and functionality. Tailored for preschoolers, it combines travel essentials with entertainment, underscoring GYROOR’s commitment to meeting diverse child-oriented needs. This innovative concept received critical acclaim at global electronics shows such as CES and IFA, cementing GYROOR’s market leadership.

KS2 Powered Children’s Skateboard: Another highlight of the GYROOR Kids series, the KS2 features a reinforced design that improves safety and ease of use, enhances the riding experience for young users and meets the demand for high-quality kids’ skateboards.

KIT1 Mini Harley Motorcycle: Inspired by classic Harley motorcycles, KIT1 offers kids an exciting ride, quickly gaining traction in the market thanks to its unique design and top performance, ensuring safe riding experiences.

These product launches not only strengthen GYROOR’s position in the field of electric skateboards for children, but also underline the company’s prowess in innovation and technology integration. GYROOR is poised to expand its global footprint in electric vehicles for children and provide safe, enjoyable and high-quality travel options to the younger generation.


GYROOR|URBAN: By focusing on large electric skateboards, especially the C series with seats, GYROOR has taken a leading role in this niche market, meeting the stringent demands of adult users and gaining a dominant position in the electric bicycle sector with exceptional value propositions.

C1S Model: A highlight of the GYROOR URBAN series, the C1S seamlessly combines storage space and convenience and is gaining market favor with its innovative storage solutions and comfortable ride. This sleek skateboard is suitable for daily commuters and city dwellers looking for multi-functional electric transportation solutions.

C-BEST model: This high-quality electric skateboard, certified by the European Economic Area (EEC), meets strict product safety and environmental standards and demonstrates GYROOR’s prowess in international markets.

INNOVATION Series: Reflects GYROOR’s commitment to leveraging cutting-edge technology to enhance daily commuting and leisure experiences.

Lightweight and Foldable Design: GYROOR’s design ethos focuses on creating lightweight, foldable electric skateboards, improving the ease of commuting and portability of the product. This approach resonates with city dwellers, as evidenced by the popularity of products like the backpack skateboard.

Enterprise technology empowerment and motor control technology development: In addition to improving the quality of life of individual users, GYROOR also provides companies with efficient motor control technology, improving operational efficiency, especially in high-power, high-control scenarios.

P7 Electric Camping Vehicle: GYROOR’s latest innovation, the P7, is a unique electric camping vehicle equipped with smart technology, making camping a seamless and enjoyable experience.

Electric Golf Cart: Designed to provide golfers with a smoother and more enjoyable playing experience. This car is not only user-friendly, but also environmentally friendly and reflects GYROOR’s commitment to sustainable development.


This innovative offering highlights GYROOR’s leadership in technology and signals the company’s trajectory toward shaping the future of electric skateboards and related equipment.

As a pioneer in electric mobility, GYROOR continues to innovate to meet diverse user needs. The product portfolio extends from the Kids series for children to the Urban series for city commuting, and the Innovation series that drives technological advancements.

At the recent International Electronics Expo, GYROOR received significant media attention, with major outlets interviewing company representatives, further cementing GYROOR’s leadership position and brand strength. This recognition underlines GYROOR’s global influence and technological prowess.

Looking ahead, GYROOR remains committed to developing new energy two-wheeled vehicles, integrating intelligence, technology and environmentally friendly travel. The company aims to be a global leader in the electric skateboard market through relentless technological innovation and market expansion. GYROOR believes that through continued innovation and efforts, it can provide more urban mobility options, moving the world toward environmentally sustainable and smarter travel solutions.

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