Rai, Schlein: “It is no longer a public service, they turn it into a megaphone of the government”

“I find this a very serious matter and would first like to express my solidarity with it Antonio Scuratti. This Rai is no longer a public service, they are transforming it into the megaphone of the government.” The secretary of the Democratic Party said this. Elly Schlein in an interview with “Repubblica” for the Repubblica delle Idee event, after Rai stopped the monologue of the writer Antonio Scurati on April 25. “It was a real censorship, which was followed by an attack from the right, from Giorgia Meloni’s party and, between the lines, from Giorgia Meloni herself. Violence, as Scurati defined it,” he added.

According to Schlein, “For those who are heirs to a certain history, there is a choice at stake and in the last year and a half we have unfortunately witnessed several times those who tried to legitimize the fascist salute, those who quoted members of the government from the words of Mussolini and those whose history he tried to rewrite through Rasella, I think this is not acceptable. But solidarity must also be given to all those professionals and journalists who are still trying to provide a public service and do their work within Rai.

“I think – Schlein continued – that there is an annoyance about dissent. We have seen very serious things: attacks on the judiciary, on intellectuals, on non-governmental organizations. It has never happened that a public subsidiary like Eni would consider selling Italy’s second largest news agency, Agi, to a majority parliamentarian. When we talk about a Hungarian drift, we mean exactly this,” he concluded.

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