Abusive Newcastle woman punched men after being asked if she was OK following a car crash

A woman insulted and then punched two men after being asked if she was okay following a car crash.

Georgia Skilbeck was a passenger in a car when it was involved in a minor collision on March 26 this year. A family in a nearby home heard the crash and approached the vehicle asking if everything was okay. But Skilbeck began insulting two of the men before punching them both in the face after claiming he felt “intimidated”.

This week Skilbeck, of Anglesey Place, Elswick, Newcastle, appeared at Newcastle Magistrates’ Court where he faced two charges of assault. She pleaded guilty to the facts.

The court heard that one of the men involved was at home on Wingrove Road when he heard a “loud bang” that “sounded like a car crash” at around 6.30pm. The man then went outside with his brother and other members of his family to see what was happening.

Paul Coulson, prosecuting, said: “His mother asked the people in the car if everything was OK. She heard a woman say: ‘Everything is OK’.” Skilbeck then got out of the car and saw the family standing there before turning her attention to the two men.

Mr Coulson continued: “She shouted, ‘Why do you all have to stand around and watch?’ She got out and ran towards them, shouting. She swore at him and hit him under his right ear. She punched the other man and hit him on the forehead.” The court heard Skilbeck had a previous conviction for assaulting an emergency worker.

Peter Doherty, defending, said Skilbeck, who is on benefits, was a passenger in her own car when the collision occurred. He said: “It had a bump and a number of people came from the household where it happened. There were four or five people there and it was very intimidating for her.

“She panicked and accepted being hit. She was knocked to the ground and sustained injuries, but no one was prosecuted for that. One complainant never filed a complaint. She is honest enough to say she was not order.”

Skilbeck was fined £200 and ordered to pay £100 compensation. She must also pay €85 in costs and a €80 surcharge.

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