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Anupamaa today: Shruti gets shot while trying to save Aadya and Pari along with Anupama. Will Anupama be able to handle Aadya’s anger? Will Anuj lose his wife again? Read more to find out!

Anupama April 21, 2024 Today’s written episode

Mumbai: The latest episode of Anupamaa (scheduled to air on April 21, 2024) continues with Aadya and Pari in an active shooter situation. Both Pari and Aadya are taken hostage and used as leverage to escape. Aadya finds paint cans nearby and spray-paints the gunman’s face; this gives them time to escape. Anupama and Shruti look at the gunman in distress and run towards the children.

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However, Aadya is shocked to see Anupama saving Pari first. Meanwhile, Shruti gets shot while running towards Aadya. Anuj reaches the situation in time and rushes Shruti to the hospital. Shruti is put on ventilator while the doctors try to take the bullet out of her.

Meanwhile, Anuj finds Aadya stunned and asks her to talk to him. Aadya remains silent with watery eyes. Anuj tries to get Aadya to talk. He is concerned that her daughter should not experience the same thing again.

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Kinjal consoles Pari and asks Anupama to go to hospital to check Shruti. Pari assures Anupama that Shruti will be safe. Anupama hugs her and says she is fine and police will arrest the shooters soon. While wiping her tears, Pari asks Anupama to stay with Aadya.

Anupama feels guilty thinking that Shruti suffered a bullet because of her and blames herself. She realizes that the bullet was aimed at her but reached Shruti as she ducked down to protect Pari and Aadya. She worries about Aadya and Anuj. At the hospital, Shruti’s health fluctuates as the doctors try to save her life. While rushing to the hospital, Anupama prays to God while worrying about Shruti’s life.

Kinjal recalls Aadya and Pari’s car accident, where Aadya was angry with Anupama for saving Pari first. Kinjal worries that Anupama and Aadya’s relationship is deteriorating as she saves Pari again.

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Anupama reaches the hospital and finds Anuj in a distressed condition. Both hug each other while Anuj informs Anupama that Shruti’s condition is serious. He adds that he is scared for Aadya as she hasn’t said a word since the shooting.

Anupama feels sorry for Aadya and says nothing will happen to Shruti. Aadya will not lose her mother for the second time. Anuj asks Anupama to help him and says he is not sure how Aadya will react if anything happens to Shruti. He asks Anupama not to leave his side. Anupama agrees to stay behind.

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Kinjal waits for Paritosh to come home. She looks at the Shah’s family photo and thinks how everything can change in an instant. The Shah family has yet to land in India, but the situation in the US has deteriorated. Aadya wakes up and starts panicking. Anupama tries to console Aadya and puts her to sleep. Anupama cannot see Anuj’s pain and reveals that Shruti is hurt because of her. Anuj is shocked but asks Anupama to stop blaming herself and says it is not her fault.

Pracap The doctors inform Anuj and Anupama that Shruti’s chances of survival are low due to multiple internal complications, bleeding and organ damage. Aadya hears this and blames Anupama for Shruti’s condition. However, this doesn’t deter Anupama as she promises to bring back Aadya’s smile.