How to Chat with Meta AI on WhatsApp: A Step-by-Step Guide

WhatsApp recently introduced an exciting new feature that allows users to chat Meta AI directly in the app. This feature is currently available in limited countries, including India, and only supports English.
It’s a great way to have exciting conversations, ask questions and receive helpful recommendations. We will guide you on how to chat with Meta AI on WhatsApp.

Get started with Meta AI on WhatsApp

To start chatting with Meta AI, first make sure the feature is available in your country. If so, you can start a conversation by following these steps:
1. Open WhatsApp and navigate to the chat screen.
2. Click the ‘New Chat’ button and select ‘Meta AI’.
3. Read and accept the terms of service if prompted.
Some users can also access the Meta AI icon ring that can be tapped to start a chat with the Meta AI chatbot.

Chat with Meta AI on WhatsApp

Once you start a chat with Meta AI, you can interact with it by sending messages, just like in a regular WhatsApp conversation. Meta AI can understand and respond to a wide range of topics and questions.
1. Ask questions: Meta AI has an extensive knowledge base and can answer a variety of questions.
2. Get recommendations: Meta AI can provide personalized recommendations based on your interests and preferences. For example, you can ask for suggestions on books to read, movies to watch, or restaurants to try near you.
3. Discuss interests: Meta AI is designed to have meaningful conversations about different topics. You can talk about your hobbies, current events or other topics that interest you.
To send a message to Meta AI, simply type your message in the chat box and click send. Meta AI will generate a response using artificial intelligence based on your instructions.

Chat with Meta AI in group chats

In addition to one-on-one conversations, you can also use Meta AI in your WhatsApp group chats. This allows you to ask questions or get advice that other members of the group can see. Follow these steps to use Meta AI in a group chat:
1. Open the desired group chat in WhatsApp.
2. Type “@” in the message field and select “Meta AI” from the list of suggestions.
3. Type your prompt or question and send the message.
4. Meta AI provides an answer that is visible to all group members.
It’s important to note that Meta AI can only read and respond to messages that mention “@Meta AI.” It cannot access or reply to other messages in the group chat.

Generate AI images with Meta AI on WhatsApp

Another exciting feature of Meta AI on WhatsApp is the ability to generate images use of artificial intelligence. To create an AI image:
1. Open the chat where you want to generate the image.
2. Type “@” in the message field and select “/imagine”.
3. Enter a text prompt describing the image you want to create.
4. Send the message and Meta AI will generate an image based on your prompt.
You can also update previously generated images by replying to the image message with a new text prompt.
WhatsApps end-to-end encryption does not apply to conversations with Meta AI. However, you have the option to delete individual chats with AIs or request deletion of information you have previously shared with Meta AI.
Chatting with Meta AI on WhatsApp is an innovative way to have interesting conversations, get advice and generate images.