Drivers ignore pedestrian crossing in village – Connacht Tribune

Many drivers fail to keep an eye on the zebra crossing in Claregalway, leading to a number of near misses.

Concerned residents of the village held a meeting this weekend to express their concerns about the case and are asking Gardaí to monitor the situation.

Local Cllr David Collins admitted it is a worrying situation, with many motorists simply ignoring the zebra crossing when driving through Claregalway.

The intersection has traffic lights on either side, but the village has become a traffic nightmare in recent years.

Even with the construction of the M17/M18 motorway, there are still miles of traffic jams in the village, especially in the evening.

Cllr Collins stated that a meeting with a number of concerned residents of Claregalway revealed that there have been many near misses for people using the zebra crossing near the local national school.

“The intersection will allow people to cross from the nearby residential areas and childcare centers to the other side of the road, where all the schools, community center and church are located,” he said.

“They have said the lights on the posts are not bright enough and do not provide an adequate signal for motorists to know there is a pedestrian crossing.

“They also said that the lights are not seen at noon because the sun makes them invisible.

“Residents have told me that there have been numerous near misses at the intersection where people started to cross, but because of the problem with the signals, the cars almost hit some pedestrians.

“They have asked me to see if the lights could be adapted by Galway County Council to indicate a zebra crossing. It is a very busy crossing. Now is the time before anything serious happens at this intersection for an upgrade of the lights,” he added.

Cllr Collins said he has been in contact with Galway County Council’s technical staff and they have informed him that they will investigate what can be done to assist in upgrading these Belisha beacons.

“I welcome this update and will work closely with the technical staff to try to resolve this issue for everyone who uses this crossing.”

Pictured: Cllr David Collins at the pedestrian crossing in Claregalway.