Kampon (2024) End of the film explained: is Eileen the new ship (Kampon) for the devil?

King Palisoc’s horror thriller ‘Kampon’, recently added to Netflix, is one of those must-watch films for ghost story lovers around the world. The word ‘Kampon’ comes from the Filipino words ‘kampon’ and ‘ampon’, which mean ‘servant’ and ‘an adopted child’ respectively. The film is based solely on these two themes and a few others, as we are introduced to married couple Clark and Eileen, who do not have a child of their own. However, their lives take a quick turn when a child knocks at their door, triggering a series of tragic events.

Spoilers ahead

Kampon (2023) Plot Summary and Movie Synopsis:

The film opens with a brother, Ranulfo, carrying his sister Loretta to a healer, Na Almera’s house. It seems that Loretta is suffering some kind of pain that is probably driving her to death from within. Na Almera gives her something to drink, but it doesn’t work and Loretta dies. Then the healer attempts something unholy and to perform that ritual, she must cover the faces of the gods she worships. When the ritual is over, Loretta regains consciousness and we see a mark appear on the lower left side of her stomach; perhaps the devil marks the vessel as it enters the body.

Later we meet Clark and Eileen, who have yet to have a child of their own. Clark, after talking to several doctors, is infertile and enjoys spending time with Eileen without worrying about having his own child. But Eileen talks to her friend Rhona to find out if there is a way to cure Clark’s problem. Eileen wants to have a child, but since Clark has lost all his hope and wasted so much money on the doctors, they are happy, but there is a dullness that grows more and more over time.

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How does Clark find Jade?

Eileen’s father is hospitalized because he may be in a coma. One day Eileen finds out that his father is moving and trying to say something. However, the old man dies and says he doesn’t want Eileen here, which makes no sense at that point. A few days later, at night, when Eileen and Clark are fast asleep, the doorbell rings. Eileen wakes Clark up and he goes to view the camera footage on multiple monitors.

Clark, after leaving the police force, may now work in security (his occupation is not clearly shown), so his house is filled with electrical wires and cameras everywhere. Clark finds no one in the footage, except the front gate is open. Clark opens the front door of the house and finds a little girl standing in the rain with some luggage. Eileen takes her inside, despite Clark’s disapproval. Eileen says she is a little girl soaking wet in the rain; she needs to be taken care of.

Clark is handed a paper on which the girl’s name, Jade Bitangcol, is written. Later, at the dinner table, Jade addresses Clark as his father and things start to fall apart. Clark asks Eileen if she believes the child or not, because she already knows that Clark is infertile and then the child must be lying. She doesn’t want to question Clark about his honesty towards her; but it is the situation that makes her think of several things at once.

Is Jade possessed?

Clark and Eileen take Jade to the police station the next day to report her missing and find her family. Eileen takes Jade to the canteen to bring her some food, while Jade takes a different route and ends up in front of the prison. There is a prisoner who tries to scare her, but Jade firmly says the date of his death and how he will be killed. Later, Eileen takes her along and Clark’s ex-colleague, who is now a colonel, takes samples for a DNA test.

After these events, Eileen visits Rhona’s house one day with Jade. While Eileen and Rhona are busy chatting, Rhona’s daughter sees Jade jump from the floor to the floor. She tells them this and Eileen runs to see if Jade is okay. She sees her playing in the garden and wonders how anyone can survive that fall. Later, in front of Rhona’s daughter, Jade kills a bird with her bare hand. One night, Clark hears a noise from Jade’s room; so he opens the door and finds nothing. Right after he leaves, we see Jade saying some sort of mantras.

Another night, Jade is seen speaking mantras over Eileen as she sleeps. Clark suddenly opens his eyes and he sees a creature from the past and tries to shoot it. However, moments later he sees Jade in his place. Clark remembers the incident that forced him to leave the police job. Long ago, while on patrol, Clark searched a freighter and found a creature that killed his men and before it could reach Clark, his colleague, now the Colonel, shot it dead. The creature was a man with long nails and a bizarre head.

Is Jade really Clark’s daughter?

Kampon (2024) Movie ending explained
Kampon (2024) Movie ending explained A still from Kampon (2024), available to stream on Netflix.

The DNA report comes in and it says that Clark is indeed Jade’s father, which confuses Clark more than anything. However, Clark has already visited old archives and remembered this time he was with a woman; more of a hook-up or better said, a one night stand. So when the DNA report came in, Colonel jokingly said, maybe after he impregnated that woman, she cursed Clark and as a result he became infertile.

Meanwhile, Clark sees a man on the road who he has seen before, and who for some reason is still stalking him. Clark angrily goes up to him and punches him in front of everyone. The Colonel had to take Clark into custody and that prisoner from earlier tells him that Jade is possessed. The next morning, when Eileen hears the DNA report, she completely silences herself and pretends that everything is fine. Clark has apologized to her several times, but she doesn’t seem to react or react the way Clark expected.

Meanwhile, we see that there are more creatures following Clark’s movement, just like the man who hit Clark so hard. When a child fare representative went looking for Clark’s house, one of those creatures killed him outside the house. Later that evening, the Colonel calls Clark while Clark is reviewing the CCTV footage. Colonel says he has discovered something about Jade’s mother Loretta; but it turned out that the entire family had been victims of an accident. However, Loretta, Jade and more bodies were missing from the scene.

Kampon (2024) Movie ending explained:

What does Jade want from Clark and Eileen?

As the Colonel explains the situation to Clark, he notices several figures standing outside his house. Clark goes outside to look for them, but finds nothing. So he comes back into the house and discovers Eileen feeding Jade breast milk. Later, Eileen tells Clark that she is pregnant and breastfeeding. Shortly afterwards, Clark tries to get Eileen away from Jade, but the possessed people or creatures attack Clark and take him away.

When Clark opens his eyes, he sees that he is all tied up against a tree and that Jade is performing some rituals on Eileen. They are covered by the creatures. We find out before all this that when the accident happened in the past, everyone was indeed dead except Jade. Jade finds Loretta’s head and talks to her. Because the devil lives in Loretta, even if the body dies, the devil lives on. Jade follows the instructions and later wakes up four more dead bodies, including her uncle Ranulfo.

Jade’s purpose (as instructed by the devil himself) is to bring Eileen and help the devil enter the new body or vessel so that it can live. Since Loretta’s body lost all its limbs and head in the accident, the devil now needs a new vessel. So it suggested that Jade go to her original father, Clark, and bring him so that they could all live together happily. To help her, the devil asked Jade to wake up four dead people among the victims of an accident.

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But Clark seems to be more resistant than the devil had hoped. Meanwhile, the Colonel followed Clark and untied him. Immediately afterwards, Clark sees the colonel’s head explode into pieces before his eyes. Later, Clark sees that Jade, by moving her hand, finishes off all four creatures protecting the ritual. Later, Clark confronts Jade and sees that Loretta’s torso is preserved and Eileen is still unconscious. Clark shoots Loretta’s torso several times and runs away with Eileen.

Is Eileen the new ship (Kampon) for the devil?

Shortly afterwards, Eileen appears to have regained consciousness, but unfortunately Clark is shot dead by Ranulfo. When Eileen finally wakes up, she sees herself in Jade’s presence. Eileen asks about Clark several times, to which Jade only replies that Clark didn’t want to come with them. Eileen finds an unfinished mark on her stomach, the same one we saw earlier on Loretta’s stomach. It suggests that the ritual is not yet completed, as Clark had intervened and saved Eileen from the devil’s vessel (Kampon).

At the end of the film, we see that Loretta’s torso is still moving, because the devil has locked himself away and cannot be moved from there. Clark, perhaps without knowing much about the ritual, does the right thing by shooting the hull as it has been holding up the ship’s transfer for a while. However, it is unclear whether part of the devil still resides in Eileen, as the mark may be incomplete, yet the mark remains, at least part of it.

What’s fascinating about the ending is that Jade seems pretty sure her mother is back. So this could indicate that part of the devil has indeed made its way to Eileen, while the majority still remains in Loretta’s torso. It’s unclear whether or not there will be a sequel to this story, but the ending is indeed top notch due to Clark’s sacrifice and Jade’s undying drive to bring her mother back as she has scrupulously followed the devil’s instructions.

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