Polestar has partnered with Meizu to launch a dedicated smartphone for EV drivers in China

Swedish electric car maker continues to make custom smartphones

Swedish electric performance car maker Polestar, a subsidiary of Volvo, is making progress in harmonizing the relationship between their electric vehicles and their drivers’ smart devices. In a bold move, they have collaborated with Meizu to develop the Polestar Phone, tailored specifically for their EV customer base, with a mix of minimalist aesthetics and exclusive features.

Premium design meets functional simplicity

While the new smartphone doesn’t boast a radical design, it exudes a premium feel. The elegant white rear panel is decorated with the iconic Polestar emblem. Complementing the sleek metal edges is a set of four camera lenses, one of which is gold-rimmed in a nod to the luxury touches found in Polestar’s own range of performance cars.

Technical specifications: hidden but impressively integrated

While the full specifications of the Polestar Phone remain a closely guarded secret, a look at the 6.5-inch screen ratio and bespoke Polestar FlyMe OS reveals a device tailor-made for automotive synergy. This operating system mirrors the operating system found in the Polestar 4’s infotainment system for the Chinese market, with regions such as Europe and North America using Google’s operating system instead.

More than just a branded gadget

CEO Thomas Ingenlath emphasizes that the Polestar Phone is far from a superficial branding exercise on an existing Meizu product. He sees it as a bridge that unites the technological and automotive worlds, promising an impeccable connection between the vehicle and the smart device. This seamless integration delivers an excellent user experience for Polestar car owners in China, demonstrating the brand’s commitment to innovation beyond their electric vehicles.

Relevant questions and answers:

Why did Polestar choose to collaborate with Meizu on this project?
Polestar may have chosen Meizu because of its established presence in the Chinese smartphone market and its ability to produce high-quality devices. This strategic partnership allows Polestar to create a phone with features that integrate well with their vehicles, while leveraging Meizu’s expertise in smartphone technology and manufacturing.

How can the integration of a dedicated smartphone improve the EV driving experience?
A dedicated smartphone can provide a more unified and intuitive interface to manage vehicle functions, access vital driving data and communicate with the car’s infotainment system. It can also enable new services, such as remote control of the car’s climate and security systems.

What are the potential challenges or controversies associated with this partnership?
One of the biggest challenges is market acceptance of a smartphone from a car manufacturer when established brands already dominate the smartphone industry. Additionally, there may be concerns about data privacy and security from integrating a vehicle so closely with a personal device.

Pros and cons:

1. Customized user experience designed specifically for Polestar EVs, improving usability and convenience.
2. Possible unique features associated with Polestar services or vehicle functionalities.
3. Enhanced brand loyalty through the Polestar product ecosystem.

1. Possible limited appeal beyond Polestar car owners, with a possibility of limited updates and support compared to mainstream smartphones.
2. Further concentration of personal data on one device, raising privacy and security concerns.
3. Risk of failure in the competitive smartphone market, which could lead to wastage of investments and resources.

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While the full specifications of the Polestar Phone have not yet been revealed, the integration of a custom smartphone with an EV’s infotainment system opens up possibilities for vehicle-related apps, features and services that can deliver a more cohesive and convenient driving experience. Offering specialty smartphones could be a sign of the growing trend of automakers looking to deepen their engagement with customers by offering a comprehensive and brand-centric ecosystem. However, the success of the Polestar Phone will depend on several factors, including the balance between offering exclusive Polestar vehicle-related benefits and ensuring the smartphone’s competency in the broader mobile device market.