CNH Industrial aims to leverage India’s technical skills and cost advantages for global needs

Global agriculture and construction solutions giant CNH Industrial is looking to leverage Indian talent and cost advantages to develop its future technologies and products for global requirements, a senior company official said.

The company, which recently expanded its India Technology Center (ITC) with the addition of an advanced multi-vehicle simulator (MVS), wants the center to play a central role in its global operations while considering moving projects from Europe and USA to India.

”For us, India is one of the most strategically important regions… India, we say, is the best cost country, not the low cost country. In India you have highly skilled and qualified engineers,” CNH Industrial Chief Technology Officer Friedrich Eichler told PTI.

He stressed the need for skilled people at affordable wages at a time when the downturn in many global economies has hit the agricultural and construction sectors, while competition remains very strong.

The engineers at CNH’s ITC, he said, are very passionate about what they do and “their hearts are here for agriculture and construction.”

Elaborating on the plans for India, he said: “We have developed our best cost country strategy. We say we will move projects from Europe and the US to this region and work with them. We define the preconditions together with the head office at CNH. Eichler said that after setting requirements for projects, it will be decided whether the company can move it to India, what skills are needed and have it analyzed.

”If it doesn’t fit, when will it fit, and what should we do to improve the infrastructure, the process or what kind of people we need (here in India),” he added.

Highlighting the strengths here, he said India is a breeding ground for innovation. They are very skilled in digitalization and are very good with methodologies.

CNH is present in India through three brands: Case IH (agricultural machinery), New Holland (tractor) and CASE Construction Equipment.

Citing examples of how India has played a key role in CNH’s global plan, he said an Italian-developed FIAT powertrain has been adapted and produced at the company’s Noida plant.

”We tested the first copies of this engine. It is very efficient and there is no difference in quality between Italy and India,” he said.

Eichler also said CNH will seek to develop products in India to meet the region’s specific needs, citing examples from cotton plantations.

The way cotton is planted in India is completely different from how it is planted in the US. Therefore, different machines are needed for harvesting because the fields are close and more compact, he noted. “It is a very good environment for developing robotics, small machines that can move between trees in orchards and pick,” he said, adding that CNH’s Indian branch is also committed to participating in the development of such hi-tech products.

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