Prospects to work on computer technology and the latest networks

YOGYAKARTA Along with technological developments, job opportunities for computer and network technology (TKJ) are also increasing. Therefore, this engineering major has some pretty big enthusiasts. The hope is that students studying in the department can immediately enter the professional world.

Note: TKJ majors in Indonesia are available at high-level vocational schools. At this level, students acquire knowledge related to both the theory and practice of computers and networks.

In the TKJ department, students will focus on learning networked computing. Some of the things taught in TKJ department include computers and basic networking, computer systems, basic programming, basic graphic design, broad networking technology and much more.

A profession or vacancy is currently emerging for TKJ graduates. Here are some jobs that can be filled by TKJ graduates.

This profession still promises promising profits. The reason is that the development of advanced computers requires engineers who also understand technology. This profession cannot be practiced by people without knowledge of TKJ. To pursue this profession, TKJ graduates are advised to understand software or hardware.

This profession focuses on computer systems or devices, so you need to know the operating system on the computer. In addition, network engineers must also be able to create networks, including cable assembly, especially LAN. Perpetrators of this profession must also know the types of computer networks.

TKJ graduates are certainly familiar with the term server management. This profession has the responsibility to control, manage and secure network access and resources on the server computer.

TKJ graduates are also familiar with the programming profession. So far, the need for programmers in Indonesia is still quite high. Even the salary offered for programmers is large, so many TKJ graduates are interested in becoming programmers.

Website developer is a profession that helps in meeting the needs of the website. TKJ graduates who become web developers must be able to design a website from start to finish. The need for a web developer is also still very great in the digital field.

Currently, many companies are beginning to implement computer technology. This is done to facilitate the work so that the work results are more accurate. IT consultants usually assist in the technical design of computer systems.

Technopreneur is an entrepreneur who focuses on technology. A technopreneur may provide services or products related to computers. Various technopreneur figures who have proven successful include Mark Zuckerberg, Bill Gates, and so on.

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