ESPN broadcaster shows moment of LeBron James staring at commentator after big three-point shot on live TV vs. Nuggets

ESPN broadcaster Bob Myers told TV viewers that LeBron James was staring at him after a big three-point shot against the Denver Nuggets.

The moment occurred just before halftime of the NBA first-round playoff game.

LeBron James hit a long three-pointer just before the second quarter of the second quarter in the Los Angeles Lakers’ playoff game against the Denver NuggetsCredit: ESPN
ESPN broadcaster Bob Myers told TV viewers that James appeared to stare at him after the shot was madeCredit: ESPN

The Nuggets tied the game at 57 with four seconds left in the second quarter.

Lakers superstar Anthony Davis threw an inbounds pass to LeBron, who caught it in half-court and hoisted a long-range three-point shot.

The 39-year-old scored the try with 0.4 seconds left until half-time.

And the Nuggets’ home crowd was stunned by the shot, as was ESPN commentator Bob Myers.

“Wow…I mean, wow,” Myers said as he laughed at the impressive play.

The shot gave the Lakers a 60-57 lead as the clock expired.

Myers then told viewers that James appeared to be looking at him after the three-pointer.

“I had to laugh because after he made this, he looked right at me,” he said.

A replay showed James making the shot, backing away and appearing to look toward Myers.

“It looked good right in front of us. He just nails it (and) he looks over here,” Myers said.

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