About Us

Community Alliance for Global Justice (CAGJ) launched and is leading this campaign, in solidarity with wider networks of African and international partners. CAGJ is a grassroots, membership-based organization in Seattle, working to strengthen the global food sovereignty movement through community education and mobilization. Our AGRA Watch program, which developed the campaign targeting USAID, is dedicated to challenging the dominant development ideology pushed by governments, corporations, and “private” philanthropic actors as they try to expand our corporate-driven, industrial model of agriculture into Africa. 

This call to action was shaped by a longer movement-building process with African partners, international organizations, and food sovereignty advocates with whom we regularly collaborate. The final text of the letter was reviewed and approved by two major organizations in Africa—the Alliance for Food Sovereignty in Africa and the Southern African Faith Communities Environment Institute—who have been working tirelessly to demand that USAID, the Gates Foundation, and other AGRA donors pull funding from the program and redirect this support toward agroecology and food sovereignty in Africa.

The Alliance for Food Sovereignty in Africa (AFSA) is a broad alliance of different civil society actors that are part of the struggle for food sovereignty and agroecology in Africa. These include: African farmers’ organizations, African NGO networks, specialist African NGOs, consumer movements in Africa, international organizations which support the stance of AFSA, and individuals. Its members represent smallholder farmers, pastoralists, hunter/gatherers, indigenous peoples; faith based institutions, and environmentalists from across Africa.

You can view AFSA’s letters calling on donors to defund AGRA here.

The Southern African Faith Communities Environment Institute (SAFCEI) is is a multi-faith organisation committed to supporting faith leaders and their communities in Southern Africa to increase awareness, understanding and action on eco-justice, sustainable living and climate change.

You can view SAFCEI’s letters to AGRA donors here and here.